Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Day Follow Friday: Bonnie Burton!

Bonnie Burton is the Senior Editor at Lucasfilm, writer for, author of The Star Wars Craft Book and You Can Draw Star Wars, co-host of Vaginal Monologues, founder of, recent guest star on The Guild, upcoming guest on Tabletop (so excited!), and I'm just going to stop there because there is so much more..

But most of all she's @bonniegrrl on twitter!

She tweets and retweets Star Wars and sci-fi nerd-ness ALL DAY LONG. So many of my favorite images and articles have either come from Bonnie or via Bonnie. You could stop following everyone else and just follow her, and your twitter feed would be just as awesome, and possibly even better. :)

Click through the jump for more, and then go follow her!

...and here are a few things she's shared via twitter in just the last few days:

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