Friday, May 4, 2012

Hawk Krall Illustrates Hot Dogs!

After having a random discussion about hot dogs on Twitter, I learned about Colombian hot dogs. And while I've only seen pictures, I can say that they are pretty insane. A bunch of sauces, crushed potato chips and pineapple, all LOADED on top of a hot dog. My description doesn't even compare to this photo.

So I searched deeper and deeper into the depths of Google, looking for a local hot dog place to try one... and I found something that might be the next best thing to actually eating one of these.

I stumbled across the artwork of Hawk Krall.

Hawk is an artist from Philadelphia who writes about food and then illustrates it. Digging through his site, you'll find various hot dogs, hamburgers, custom restaurant menus, magazine covers and the random Frank Reynolds illustration. Hawk also details the illustration process with multiple in-progress images for each illustration.

Check out as a home base for his art blog, food blog, and print shop. Click through the jump for a gallery of his wonderful hot dog illustrations, showcasing some of the best hot dogs in the world.

Now I need to go eat. And I still can't find a local Colombian hot dog.

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