Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 Toy Teases: Dunny 2012 and Hot Toys Hulk!

A small image of Kidrobot's 2012 Dunny series has leaked onto the net revealing the designer line-up and case ratios. You may have to squint hard to take in all the designs but it's a reasonable taste of what's to come. This image is from Vinyl Pulse who are well worth your time:
One of my favourite things about the 2011 Dunny (which led me to buy a whole case) was the huge number of uniquely sculpted pieces. It looks like 2012 will carry on that tradition. I'm particularly enamoured by that three-boobed design by Kronk, but unfortunately it looks to be a hard to track down chase.

And join me after the jump for a glimpse of the upcoming Hot Toys Avengers' Hulk!

The following image was teased on the Hot Toys facebook page:

It looks like Hulk is certainly shaping up to be appropriately huge and expensive. He was my favourite element of The Avengers film so imagine there'll be a scramble for him. Still no word on Black Widow though although it's been revealed that she'll have a new body, different to the previously released Iron Man 2 version, and sculpted hair. I'm going to buy her, quit my job, and live alone in the wilderness with her.

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