Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boards and Beers - Ascending Empires

Up until recently I had never heard of a dexterity game. The concept of playing a board game that involves a bit of the ole flick of the wrist never occurred to me. Then, in one fell swoop I played a massive amount of them (well, three, but still). I've become a Crokinole master (though no one would agree with that statement), a racing mastermind in PitchCar, and most recently the commander of an ever expanding empire.

Ascending Empires from ZMan Games is part conquest, part exploration, part resource management, and is driven through flicking wooden spaceships around the board (on purpose). Within the game, humanity has moved on from Earth and has colonized the the galaxy with mini-empires, but now need to expand. This is where you come in.

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  1. You know what? You've almost talked me into trying a dexterity game...

  2. Honestly, its not formost a dex game. Its a really good use of the dex mechanic, but it is only used in a minor aspect of an otherwise great and very fun game. the planets you navigate around are close enough that you can do it pretty accurately without issue too. I'd definitely give it a go and its pretty low priced considering how much wood is in the box.