Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome to Fruitless Pursuits.

I have no idea if this is going to work.

The concept is pretty simple: a site where an eclectic collection of semi-like-minded creatives will be sharing their work, as well as sharing their thoughts/likes/dislikes/reviews/commentaries and passion for pop-culture in general. Our group encompasses: fine artists, photographers, comic book creators, writers, game designers, musicians and we're enthusiasts of all these things. And we represent both halves of the globe.

The idea stems from us all following and admiring each other's work, working together on various projects, and sharing many of the same interests and discussing them ad nauseum - and yet we were scattered all over the Internet among our various individual sites. It was beginning to feel that we were spreading ourselves a bit thin. If only there was a catch-all site that would tie all of this (and more) together. And what if we just wanted to dumb things too like relay and discuss a bit of movie news, or share the newest painting of an artist we love, or an image of a cat that genuinely made us lol? Where could we go to just hang out and do that? Huh? Answer me, damn you!

And so welcome to Fruitless Pursuits. We're a diverse group, and we certainly don't agree on anything, and we don't even really agree on the name of this site. I wanted to call it Our Media Empire, or Pretentious Fox, or Your Mouth is My Playground. But this is what we've got. There'll probably be tears among our ranks tonight. Maybe even a punch-up. Who knows.

Each author's comments are their own and we speak freely here. If one of our authors offends or angers you then they probably offended the rest of us too. You can borrow my pitchfork. I'll help you light the torch. We reserve the right to throw each other under the bus. But I'm really looking forward to reading the unique views, insights and inspirations of a group of people that I genuinely admire. And I hope you'll enjoy it too.

The hard part is over. Let's post some bullshit!

Look! Here's Sue Storm magnetically sealed to an ape!

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