Friday, August 5, 2011

Project Runway Recaps: S09 E02

Project Runway happened again this week! But this time, I watched it for you. I saved you an hour!

It is an innovation challenge this week, which is always fun because it makes the designers so sad. "Boo hoo! I don't know how to make clothes out of dumb things! It's not fair!" I guess this has come to a shock to you because you have never watched Project Runway before? This time they are in a pet store and they go nuts as usual. My brand of rabbit litter is used in Oliver's dress, which makes me feel very glamorous.

Josh McKinley, who has a defiantly retro George Michael makeup look which I applaud, says that this challenge is easy for him because he "grew up in the theatre." I imagine him hiding under the stage and in the walls like the kid in Aliens, coming out late at night to scavenge champagne and make outfits out of discarded programmes.

In contrast, Laura Kathleen cements her position as Most Likeable Designer by proclaiming again that she "was raised in an upper-class family." I think she may be confusing wealth with class. Apparently she is too rich to worry about things like covering her naughty bits, because the skirt she makes shows most of her model's bum and she has to start again. Ha ha!

Meanwhile, Anya (the Trinidadian beauty queen who only just learned to sew) has the most beautiful voice in the world. "This is madness," she says, and I want to kidnap her just to listen to her say it all day.

Of course someone has to make a skirt that's just basically a bunch of napkins sewn together, except it's the pet store challenge so they're wee-wee pads. "I want to pee all over zose wee-wee pads" says Heidi, and I imagine her arguing with the producer to let her do it. "It's ze ultimate humiliation!" she would say as she lifted her skirt triumphantly. Oh Heidi.

Ultimately the bald guy is sent home, which makes him sad, but it's too soon in the season for me to get attached so see you later! Fallene is in the bottom two, which makes her very emotional. When she goes back to the waiting room she cries and it's hard to make out what she's saying, but I'm pretty sure it's "I never thought I would be the guy that's serving you guys the dips." I guess we never think we're going to be that guy, until one day we are.


  1. hoooly crap. What season number is this now? I think I need to get on board.

  2. Can you please do more of these? PLEASE?

  3. Aw thanks Jade! They'll be weekly, they're super-fun to do :D