Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harry Potter gets his groove on

So guess what? Pint sized boy wonder Daniel Radcliffe can sing. And dance. And look dapper in a tweed suit. God I love that kid. Here he is, showcasing all these abilities at the 2011 Tony Awards:

Should be prescribed by doctors to lift your from despondency. SO CHIRPY.

And in a similarly Harry Potter-ish vein - here's an alternative take on how HP7 should have ended (not particularly spoilery).



  1. As much as Dan Rad is NOT a singer nor a dancer, I enjoyed seeing him up there on stage. You could tell that he worked so hard over the two years to get ready for this role. I am actually looking at going to see him in the show again before he leaves in December.

  2. You saw it on stage? Awesome!! Very jealous!