Saturday, August 6, 2011

Genius Space Bastards at NASA Shoot Lego into Space!

When I was a child my mother would constantly threaten to vacuum up all the Lego in our Lego strewn house. It was an idle threat, of course, because Lego is expensive, but the devil-may-care space-geniuses at NASA are taking it a whole step further by shooting some Lego into space.

You can read the whole exclusive (not so exclusive now!) report at Wired, but if you prefer my paraphrased and possibly factually inaccurate summary, then NASA are essentially affixing three specially manufactured aluminium minifigs to a rocket that will study -and then crash-land on - Jupiter. FOR SCIENCE! You epic magnificent space-bastard egg-head maniacs are capable of ANYTHING.

But cooler still, the three minifigs in question are exclusives themselves and represent the god Jupiter, his sexy sister Juno, and voyeur Galileo who is going to observe the whole thing. I would have added a Lego Yoda and Harry Potter just to be sure.

As awesome as all this is, I will say that this is a dangerous game that NASA is playing because this is exactly how rumours start. Some advanced alien civilization is going to find these buggers and naturally assume that humans were all noseless, earless, flat-faced Danes with pegs on our heads. Embarrassing NASA!


  1. Those are pretty cool, but what a weird choice! I guess it's as non-offensive as possible? Except for the fact that Jupiter and Juno were MARRIED as well as being brother and sister. Gross!

  2. Anything goes on Jupiter, baby. That's probably where people will travel to indulge in that sort of thing.

  3. Weird choices as well seeings as they are essentially religious iconography, from a religion no one follows anymore...
    Will aliens get all confused and think the ancient Greeks fired rockets with their monochrome stone statues rendered in metals to other planets?

    Mind you, our previous attempt to communicate our cultural and biological ways sent out the message that we had no genitals.