Friday, August 5, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Revealed! Apparently.

So apparently the very first picture of Anne Hathway as Catwoman in next year's Dark Knight Rises. (I would have called it Dark Knight Rises, Yawns And Groggily Requests a Coffee). Supposedly it's been revealed at the official site. Except that site, much like everything Nolan touches, is a baffling, difficult -to-navigate, mostly-encrypted set of largely unsolvable riddles. No. Wait. You just click on the white wing-tips of the bat. She looks like this:

Contrary to reports on other sites, my guess is that that's not really the Catwoman suit at all, just her alter ego Selina Kyle. There's also the fact that the file is called "Selina Kyle". So Batman's not the only detective!

I recently read Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's Batman: Hush for the first time and really enjoyed the black skin-tight suit and goggles version of Catwoman (and her character), so I'm kind of jonesing to see that design on the big screen.

Who drew this? Peter Dinklage?
 Plus I'm quite fond of Anne Hathaway. In fact I'd like to HATHA my WAY with her. Guffaw. I am a little disappointed though that she does have the short black Audrey Hepburn hair like she does in the comics (they probably want to distance her from the Halle Berry abomination). 

Maybe though it will get cut off by a hair-obsessed villain at the end of act one. Nolan sure does like to explain everything!

Speaking of which, I guess what we're seeing here in this picture is the justification of why Selina Kyle likes to wear tight black leather and wear goggles. She probably had a bad experience as a child when a bug flew her into eye while she was riding on her tricycle. Then we will get 45 minutes of Bane's bad childhood Halloween experiences which will end up justifying his mask. And then probably a few scenes of Batman shopping online for real boots. I kind of need all that stuff in there for it to all make sense.

Wait Anne Hathaway has short hair here! So what's going on!? Come on comic fans - let's petition for something important. I am now obsessed with the fashion of Batman! Who's with me? I know Joel Schumacher is!



  1. i think she's going to knock this out of the park. Sadly the women in Nolan's batman have been pretty lame and unremarkable thus far...

  2. I think that thats because while they are strong women, they are ultimately used as "damsels in distress". Catwoman/Selina Kyle defies that in every way possible.

  3. I am sure it's just because it's out of context, but I think that photo looks terrible.