Saturday, August 6, 2011

Skyrim Collectors Edition Contains Expensive Plastic Dragon. Plus Batman!

This is a day old, but hey - we're new to this. The full details of the Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V) collector's edition have been officially announced, not the least of which is a large plastic dragon (excuse me - high quality PVC) that looks spiky and heavy enough to club a burglar to death with.

The extremely-limited-and-won't-be-marked-down-during-the-post-christmas-sales-like-that-extremely-limited-version-of-Black-Ops-I-bought-with-the-remote-control-perv-mobile Collector's Edition contains:

- A 12 inch plastic dragon. This is particularly apt as the developers have been boasting that Skyrim will contain "unlimited dragons" as a direct response to games by other developers that had "limited dragons", "severely limited, bordering on scarce dragons", or "absolutely no dragons at all"

- The Art of Skyrim Official Art Book. Got to admit I'm a sucker for art books. I like to see all the amazing ideas that didn't make it into the game.

- The Making of Skyrim DVD. Which you will watch on youtube because we've grown to lazy to remove a disc from its case.

- And I'm assuming that it also comes with that sweet cloth map for navigating your way around the giant virtual world of Skyrim. Although personally I will be using it as a nerd picnic blanket.

However, all this sweet loot does come at a cost. The US version is slated to be $150, and here in Australia EB Games is taking extremely-limited-one-per-customer orders for a whopping $198. Even though our mighty Australian dollar wakes up every single morning and kicks the living shit out of its malnourished American brother. KICK! KICK! When you wake you will be our slaves!

I'm super excited for Skyrim, having done my time in Elder Scolls 4, but as cool as this I just can't see myself dishing out the extra cash for this version. And as you will see in future posts, I'm not afraid to dish out cash for all sorts of crazy crap.

HOWEVER, I am excited about the statue that comes with the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition.

It's a very stylish black and white Batman fumbling around the ground for his bat-contact lens. That's definitely something I can see on my shelf, and was made by the very talented folks at Kotobukiya. And in Australia it will only be $148!

Dear god I hope Arkham City is the first game to feature "unlimited Batmans"!

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