Monday, September 5, 2011

Orchestral Version of the Nineties X-Men Cartoon Theme

You remember the X-Men cartoon from the nineties, right!? When the team moved stiffly, and wore garishly coloured Halloween costumes, and Cable spit a grenade pin at some dude's head? It had Jubilee in it and she wore a yellow raincoat and had fireworks that came out of her fingertips even though she was wearing gloves! It looked a lot like this:

If your obliviously innocent memories are as fond as mine are, then please promise me you'll never watch it again. Ever. Because then you'll realise that it's pretty much a colossal piece of crap, and we can't afford to have you doubting and/or hating yourself. One element, however, that does stand up to the test of time is the brilliantly badass theme, and God Bless the Internet because TheKraken has thoughtfully recorded an orchestral version of it.

For once the X-Men cartoon is everything that you hoped it would be:

X-MEN Theme by TheKraken

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  1. I have about 8 of the dvds, and the other day stupidly decided to watch a couple of random episodes from disc 7. The early episodes were fine, but those late ones? No good. Worse than no good.

    Magento didn't even look a little bit like Michael Fassbender.