Monday, September 5, 2011

Mesmerizing Video of Darth Vader Carved Carrot.

It might seem like there's nothing happening on the 'net today, but only until you check into the blog of our favourite Japanese sushi chef and creative genius Oki - the guy who nobly carved Grand Moff Tarkin out of vegetables for the glory of his country! Oki's been busy making all sorts of awesome stuff at My Sushi World, not the least of which is his menacing carrot Darth Vader.

It's one thing to look at pictures, but Oki has gone a step better and made this incredibly inspiring video. In fact, I 100& guarantee that it will inspire young children to eat so many carrots that they can not only see in the dark, but also see through walls. At the very least you could use it to force choke a rabbit.

Oki, we love and salute you! Do make sure you go to his site to see other great carrot creations including a Santa ewok and Doremon Gadget Cat from the Future! It's about time somebody carved the crap out of those damn carrots!

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