Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Limited Mixed-Media Chun-Li Statue is $165 per Gigantic Thigh.

I spent the majority of 1992 - 1993 being mesmerized by Chun-Li's gigantic thighs. She is by far my favourite Street Fighter II character to play, even though I wield her ineptly, no doubt due to her high-spirited hypnotizing effect. Thankfully, some 18 years later, you can enjoy her every day by planting a limited edition mixed media 17.5 inch statue of her right in the middle of your work desk and refusing to talk to anyone.

Pop Culture Shock has opened up the pre-order of the black costumed version, limited to a mere 75 pieces. And it's going to cost you $330 which, by my calculations, is $165 per massive thigh. Note that it's also a mixed-media piece so her clothes are fabric. If you've ever executed a spinning-bird kick then you'll know what you'll find.

I'm not quite $300 worth of fan, but I still think it's quite stunning. More so than the completely legless Kid Robot version that J wrote about here

Join me after the jump and I'll show you two other premium statues that have recently caught my eye, as well as a truly ridiculous clip of martial arts fine artist Jackie Chan fighting - while dressed as Chun-Li!

Sideshow Toys are offering the equally hypnotic Jessica Rabbit Premium Format Figure on pre-order for $325. Her dress is cloth too. The mind boggles. And I dig that she comes with a classic penguin waiter. Jessica will always be one of my favourite animated characters. I need to organise a photo shoot I think:

And for a change of pace, how about Marvel's seventies X-Men monstrosity, the irrepressible Dazzler, appropriately depicted dominating a disco ball:

Dazzler is marginally cheaper (although perhaps harder to explain) at $240 and can be pre-ordered from manufacturer Bowen Designs

And I promised you Jackie Chan inexplicably jumping around as Chun Li so here we go! He sells it well! And look at those thighs!:

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  1. I just - I don't know. I don't understand. Oh man Jackie Chan is the best.