Friday, September 9, 2011

Star Wars Round Up: Moleskine, Trooper's Day Off.

Did you know that you can submit items of interest to us by emailing ? It saves us some hunting around and it gives you the smug satisfaction of a job well done! We received two cool things today, both Star Wars related, so I'm going to roll them into this one post. For we are nothing if not ruthless efficient, here at FP Headquarters. (Secret: We live in a volcano).

You're familiar with Moleskine, right? Purveyors of legendary notebooks and diaries? Melon-headed Edgar Allen Poe used to write about all his secret crushes in one. Ernest Hemingway would tear a couple of sheets out of his in order to wipe his greasy mouth after kissing a sealion.

Not too long ago, Moleskine released some very attractive Pacman themed notebooks - and I was sorely tempted by their Siren song. But their newest reveal is what has finally brought me to the edge. Yes! They have the Star Wars license! And only a few thousand companies can attest to that.

These are limited edition and are expected in September:

Image via Oli Phillips, with thanks to KJ for the heads up!

Join me after the jump to see what's next!

Dear Reader, Tim, then sent along a link to Kalex Anderson's Flickr. We're late to this party, but he's been taking a clone trooper themed photograph every day of 2011. Check him out at his link, but here are a few of my personal favourites:

Cool, huh? Thanks to everyone who submitted, and thanks to the creators!

So don't forget that you too can send us stuff. Our idiot intern Jimmy is waiting by the inbox. Give him something to do because he's using our computer to play Call of Duty with his moronic friends.

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