Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movember Day 22: Thomson & Thompson.

Great literary minds all over have agreed on one thing - the enigma that is Thomson and Thompson.

These fine mustachioed gents are a fixture of the wonderful Adventures of Tintin, presented as pure slapstick and a parody of British police officers (remember this is a Belgian comic. I'll bet those Brits cried into their pillows) in their seemingly endless parade of stupidity and bad decision-making.

The eternal mystery is their origin. They are not twins, although constantly referred to as the Thompson Twins. They're not even brothers, as they have different last names. And their only difference? The moustache. Thomson's curls up slightly at the ends and Thompson's does not.

They were so awesome Goscinny even cameo'ed them into Roman Empire- era Asterix:

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