Friday, November 25, 2011

Movember Day 25: Ron Jeremy

In an industry dominated almost exclusively by women (and rightfully so) 1979 saw the red-hot, throbbing rise of Ronald Jeremy Hyatt. Ron Jeremy, as he would later call himself after being admonished by his conservative Jewish father for using his real name, provided stiff competition for all of the less significantly talented men at the time and rigidly solidified his rock-hard status as one of the greatest male Adult Film actors to ever come along.

No need to stroke the ego of this 'Hedgehog', as he was later nicknamed, as his famous moustache has been ridden more times that Space Mountain by some of the hottest women on this planet, and his fame for being capable of auto-fellatio (which he demonstrated on-screen in the film Inside Seka) automatically places him in a category that defies traditional description.

Here's to you, Mr. Jeremy. you! And one of these days I am going to talk to my buddy about possibly getting permission to tell the story about you, him, his sculpting shop and doing the work on sculpting you and your tree trunk. It's quite an interesting story and the kind you don't often get to hear when you work in the toy business.


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  1. Saw him in a rated picture where he played himself. Quite a talented guy, piano, art and as always he gets the girl.