Thursday, November 24, 2011

Movember Day 24: Top 5 Muppet Moustaches!

In celebration of The Muppets out this week in theaters (sorry Australia!), I wanted to feature some of the best Muppet moustaches. Many of these characters were created at a time when the moustache was in it's prime, so... enjoy this time capsule of facial hair, locked away forever in our televisions and movie theaters!

...sorry I'm just really excited to see the movie today. :)

Onto the moustaches!

#5. Swedish Chef
It's hard to top those eyebrows, but the Swedish Chef has an amazing mustache. It's so messy that I'm sure it's a major violation of any and all food industry regulations.  I'm also sure that he doesn't know and/or care.

See the top 4 after the jump.

#4. Waldorf
Because of his moustache and his squat little body, he's always been my favorite of the wise-cracking duo. The stylish facial hair keeps him looking much younger than his moustache-less counterpart. Even Bill Cosby knows how awesome Waldorf's moustache is.

#3. Lew Zealand
Everyone's favorite fish flinger has quite the follicular facial fuzz. Based off of the mustacheless Frank Fountaine, everyone knew the one thing that would take him over the top. You might think it's the boomerang fish, but we all know it's the moustache.

#2. Pops
As the doorman of both the Muppet Theater and the Happiness Hotel, Pops has a lot of responsibility. But he's getting old. He has poor eyesight and falls asleep on the job. But he has a mustache that covers HALF OF HIS FACE, so we all love him. And you may not know, he has some serious acting chops hidden behind that face-full of moustache.

#1. Floyd Pepper
The "bassman", Floyd Pepper is the foundation of the Electric Meyhem. Known for both his sass and his stache, Floyd has rightfully earned the title of Best Muppet Moustache. He knows that he pulls it off well, and if we chose anyone else for number one, I'm sure he would have told us otherwise. He's not necessarily known for keeping his thoughts to himself.

Honorable mention: Kermit The Frog

He didn't make the top 5 (BECAUSE IT'S FAKE), but I think he can really pull it off.

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