Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wave Goodbye To Google Wave

Google has been talking about it for a while.. and they're shutting down Google Wave completely. And not just stopping it's functionality, they'll be making it inaccessible after April 30th, 2012. So all of those nude photos and naughty messages that you shared, thinking they would be forever on the internet... they'll be gone.

I don't really know if Google Wave was used for nude photos (I'm sure it was) as I've only really used it for project coordination. But I do know that I never referred to myself as a "waver".

I wanted to see what Google Images (which will still be around mid-2012 THANK GOD) thought about us wavers, and it seems that Google also doesn't refer to Google Wave users as "wavers".

So how do you feel about the end of Google Wave? Did you use it? Will you miss it? Do you think the same thing will happen with Google Plus?

Personally, I thought real time archived group messaging was the coolest idea ever a few years back. It had so much potential. But just as many of Google's services, it wasn't too iPhone/iPad friendly that I never used it enough for it to become a staple in my daily computing. I feel like Google Docs has replaced it for me, in a much messier, DIY, anti-Google Wave way. I also feel that outside of project coordination, it doesn't have too much use (can't compete with the ease of text messages). It's a shame too, because I have a ton of projects that need to be coordinated.

EDIT: Updating the post to add Google's Post-Wave suggestions.

And for fun, here was a quick intro video. But if you really want to nerd out... the 1 hour 20 minute keynote is also below.


  1. I still use Google Wave daily just to talk to Jess and to keep links and notes for myself. I am really sad to see it going.

    I guess we'll also move to GoogleDocs, but reluctantly. :(

  2. This breaks my heart! Grug and I chat all day on Wave, organise our shopping lists, plan stuff... It's so much better than email and chat. I'm sad.

  3. Now that breaks my heart too! Especially knowing that you live in the same house and use Google Wave as a way to talk to each other.


  4. I'm assuming Google Docs is the natural fallback, but it's no fun. I know people who have tried Facebook chat messaging for the same thing (since it archives), but Facebook is entirely too distracting when working on a project, and it just doesn't feel right to me. I've updated the post with google's suggested replacements, just incase you guys didn't get the email yet.