Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Night We Were Kings

Here's a beautiful looking animation ​​by Gobelins Students during summer training, in Cube Creative studio.

There's a little nsfw scene in it just so you know. It does reminds me of Robert Valley's stuff

The film was made by Chloé Nicolay, Manddy Wyckens, Gaspard Sumeire, Léa Justum and Anthony Lejeune. Definitely check out their blogs and websites they do some gorgeous stuff.

I have a few production stills from the film after the jump

These backgrounds destroy me with how beautiful they are. I'll say again check the blogs of those guys (click their names) effin stunning stuff!

This is very Robert Valley

The character design is also fantastic. Lots of contrast between thick and thin (limbs and puffy jackets).

The dam French making animators everywhere look bad! haha goddam and these guys are just students.

Well I'm just going to drool over those backgrounds some more

Thanks again to Catsuka where all info this comes from and definitely a site you should bookmark if you are into animation.

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