Monday, December 5, 2011

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Spectactular: Day 5

After a strange day and an equally stranger post yesterday, we are back and we are awesome. Plus, today defies logic and presents us with an actual known thing! and not just any known thing - a really awesome known thing that is awesome.

Be awesome after the jump
Right, so I promised awesome. so what do you think of this?

Thats right, a bag of Lego, who'd of thought right? but check out the directions...

Alright, so its a bit of a blurry picture, but you know what that is right?

Slave I

Now, after a couple days of random kinetic desert walking sculptures (I'm looking at you too day 4, what the fuck are you?) we come upon something that not only to recognize, but know to be so badass that as kids we ran around with buckets on our heads with fire extinguishers strapped to our backs as jetpacks and racing at other kids in wagons down a hill because we wanted to be a badass bounty hunter too. Thats right Mark Folladori, that was my rusty wagon that made you get 14 stitches in your leg cause us bounty hunters are kick ass and ruthless.

Tune in tomorrow for something that I'm sure will be insanely less exciting and influential on your childhood. Probably Chewies baby crib.

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