Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Spectacular: Day 6

Oh man! Today is awesome! You know how I was suggesting that it might be something less awesome like Chewies baby crib? well I wasn't too far off!! and its great!

Come be awesome after the jump

So, the moment you've been waiting all day/2 minutes for...


What, you can't tell what it is? Let me assemble it using the directions


Chewbacca has come to visit us in Legoland and he is fantastic. Af first  Iwas thinking it was just a head so when I was assembling him and his shirt was brown, I thought this might be one of those terrible bag costumes that others love so much, but nope! He wears his chest on his head. Or something.

Tune in tomorrow for something that has to be less awesome than Chewbacca.

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