Monday, December 5, 2011

Kickstart the Week: LangGuini a Card Game! by Ryan Morrison

This week's Kickstarter project is very close to home for me. The card game, LangGuini, was initially created by my good friends in Island Officials earlier this year at the Philly Game Jam. I was there to see the initial excitement (my favorite part of ANY project) and then much later I was able to help out with the Inspirational Expansions (must have bonus cards that theme the game... more on this below). 

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LangGuini is a card game for 3 or more players. One player will act as a judge and select multiple cards, each containing parts of words. The judge will then assemble a brand new word and each player must make up a definition. It's a fun party game, especially if you have creative friends. The main deck comes with 108 cards, each with 2 word parts.. so you will get plenty of replay out of it.

My VERTRAJECT definition: A new company that builds ejector seats in commercial airplanes. Fly safely with Vertraject.

At $18.00 you will get a copy of the game shipped. At $23 you will get the game and one of the Inspirational Expansions. These are dual theme sets of 18 cards. The themes are Ninja/Pirate, Zombie/Robot, Alien/Dinosaur & Western/Fantasy and they add word parts such as nin-ja, ka-ta-na, and boo-ty. Personally I think the $33.00 pledge is the sweet spot. At $33.00 you will get the main game and all of the expansions shipped. 

The goal is $2200 and it's currently a little over 40% there. I know there are some stretch goals in mind if it can go over the goal, and since it's only been live for 3 days, that might be a possibility!


..and just a quick update on our previously featured Kickstart the Week projects.

D-Day Dice is currently at 903% funded with $117,435 in pledges, and 3 days left to go.

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