Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Deal: Crusty Dunny by Kozik (and more!)

Each year, Kidrobot offers a Christmas themed Dunny (which is cool enough), and then each year Kidrobot offers an awesome sale with said Dunny (which is even cooler!).

Here is Crusty by Frank Kozik.

As with all blind packaging, there is a chance to get something much rarer, and in this case, (SPOILERS) it's just the head in a puddle. I have all of the Christmas Dunnys but I've never been lucky enough to get a variant. Maybe this year, Santa?

Crusty Dunny is available by himself for $11.95.  Click through the jump for the much better deal.

If you spend just $13.00 more, you will get 3 Azteca II Dunnys! 

Also while you're there, you might as well throw in a few BearBrick series 22. They're almost sold out and just $4.99 each. That's basically FREE nowadays.

And if you're rich, but you don't mind a smudge or two, the 7" Yankee Pig Dog Labbit (which I think is super frigging awesome) is on sale for $69. They're usually $100, but these have a paint smudge, or mis-registration.