Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Spectactular: Day 7

Ok kids, day 7. Yesterday was surprisingly awesome with a chewie mini fig, can we meet the excitement today?

Find out after the jump.


Today we have been graced with a bucket of tools. No seriously, look.

Who the fuck would think a bucket of tools would excite a kid? I mean sure kids can totally use them to fix their Lego roofs and sinks but seriously.

I one time as a prize in a contest gave a box of bran flakes (not raisin bran) to a 5 year old kid. He was super excited because he won something. Then he got the box of cereal and realized what it was and started bawling.

This is pretty much the same thing.


  1. They're totally weapons, not tools.

    And the scale of this is throwing me way off! I thought it was all mini ships and minifigs!

  2. I wondered where Chewie's bowcaster was. That's a dick move giving it a day of its own. Kind of glad I skipped this, but then again I wouldn't mind Nute Gunray and a mini Slave One!

  3. I'm kinda pissed that they decided to pass a barrel off as a desirable toy, but I'm under the impression that by the end there will be a larger build that can be made by design.

  4. Can I disappoint you early and say that these calendars don't accumulate to a larger build. This time a barrel is just a barrel.

  5. It's in your hands. You can make it mean something!