Monday, December 5, 2011

Minecraft Lego.. Possibly Coming Soon?

Minecraft Lego has not been announced, but developer Mojang is definitely pushing to make it an actual product. And they should because it would be a perfect partnership. Imagine building your world on your computer and then duplicating it in your home. If you had the parts, you could kind of do it now... but with Lego's support, could you imagine exporting an area from the game to your computer and then being able to order it right there? (you are also mega-rich in this scenario)

Mojang created the above Lego design and it's currently up on Cuusoo is a Lego partner site where people submit future set ideas. If an idea hits 10,000 votes, they'll go on to Lego for review.  Along with Mojang's design is another Minecraft set by koalaexpert, so I'm kind of confused on whether they are competing for votes, or cornering the market by loading up the front page with Minecraft set ideas. Either way, they're both pretty awesome!

Click through the jump for more Lego Minecraft concepts by Mojang, koala expert and superMacho.

Set ideas from koalaexpert:
-Abandoned Mine shaft (includes Steve, a cave spider, and an abandoned mine shaft)
-Starter House (A small house made out of wood, includes Steve, a creeper, and other items)
-Dungeon (Has skeleton and zombie variants, include spawner, chest, and 2 mobs)
-Stronghold (Includes one or two rooms, Steve, an End portal, and some Silverfish)
-The Nether (Includes portal, Steve, 2 Zombie pigmen, 2 Magma Cubes, and a Ghast)
-Advanced House (House made out of stone, includes Steve, a Spider, a skeleton, 2 zombies, a wolf, and other misc. items)
-Fishing Pond (Includes Steve, some fish, a rod, and a squid)
-Village (Includes multiple buildings, a well, a few testificates, and a farm)
-The Forest (Includes 2 pigs, Steve, some trees, a creeper, and a zombie)
-The Swamp (Includes a chicken, two zombies, a spider, and some swamp trees)
-Taiga (Include 2 wolves, some trees, two skeletons, and a creeper)
-Mountains (Includes a small mountain, a cave system, ore, Steve, and a spider jockey)
-The Desert (Includes Steve, some cacti, two creepers, sand, and a pool of water
-The Tundra (Includes Steve, some ice, a snow golem, a zombie, and a tree
-Mushroom Island (Includes a Mooshroom, Steve, and some mushrooms, both big and small
-The End (Features 2 Enderman and an Enderdragon)
-Block Packs (Includes a stack of any type of block, includes custom made blocks)
-Battle Packs (Includes 4 of one type of mob and a spawner)

On a personal note.. I want to see this win for many reasons, but one is that I feel like Lego is always lacking in environments. There are way too many vehicle based sets. 

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  1. when this releases, the internet will implode. This, I command.