Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lists of Note - New Website by Shaun Usher (Letters of Note, Letterheady)

A few years ago I stumbled across Letters of Note, and I was instantly blown away. Shaun Usher (the creator) gathered up many, many images of handwritten and typed letters that were either famous, b famous people, or simply just wonderful on their own. If you haven't checked out the site,, go do it now. You will probably spend the next few hours there. The "most read" list on the right is a good place to start.

On December 2nd, Shaun launched another awesome, paper-based website, Lists of Note. And it's exactly what you think. So far there is a list of Francis Ford Coppola's casting choices for the Godfather, John Wayne's favorite actors and films, and Harry Houdini's rider.

This one was great too. A to-do list by Johnny Cash that inspired the site.

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