Friday, February 24, 2012

Dead Gary Busey Transforms into a Pomeranian Called Quigley.

When I watched last year's Celebrity Apprentice, I found myself (often) wondering, just what the hell happened to once nominated actor Gary Busey? He used to be pretty great on the screen, and while his charming, eccentric, batshit insane antics are still incredibly entertaining, it was making me very sad that we probably wouldn't ever get to see him star in a feature film again. Then I just found about Quigley.

Made in 2003, Quigley is a film about a detestable old billionare (Busey) who dies with unfinished business so he is reincarnated as a pomeranian dog. But the film flashes between shots of the dog, and the actual Gary Busey who is on all fours and wearing a dog collar. It also involves a "video game" on a CD-ROM with graphics that look like they were scribbled by a child. But please, don't take my word for it. Watch the trailer and be shocked and awed. I guarantee that it is many times worse than you are currently imagining:

Holy crap! Did that confuse you as much as it did me? The great Gary Busey staring with Booger from Revenge of the Nerds in a film that was shot on a home video camera and features a Heaven set that is someone's loungeroom draped in white sheets and a smoke machine? And it's not even a parody. This is an actual, serious film.

Why does such a movie even exist? Join me after the jump and I'll share some Quigley facts, as well as some - shudder - Quigley OUTTAKES!!

So according to the high-trafficked official Quigley site this film has sold over 2 million copies! And considering it has a budget that looks to be about fifty-seven dollars, I'm imagining that this was actually a highly profitable venture for everybody involved! It is also apparently listed on Amazon as the favourite holiday/dog movie!

And the best news is that planned for production in 2012 is Quigley 2:

Which is the same poster image but with glasses and a Christmas tree photographed on top of the dog!!

First I was mocking this film, and now I want in on this racket! Quigley 2 will cost even less money thanks to this clever cost-cutting, and will probably pull in more money that Avatar!

And if you're a super Quigley fan then you can't go past these genuine Quigley outtakes. Ten minutes of them! And the first three minutes is just a guy walking through the fog in a variety of shirts! Stick with it though to see child-like Busey's monkeyshines on the set! Quigley looks like a total blast! If anyone has a copy I'd love to see it!


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