Monday, February 20, 2012

Kickstart the Week: The Star Wars Filming Locations of the U.S. by Adam R. Parr

Did you know that there are parts of the Star Wars universe right here in the US?

Like the Dune Sea area around Jabba's Palace, and the Endor Forest?

Cancel your plane tickets to Tunisia and pledge for this book instead and you can visit far, far, away locations right in your own backyard (kind of).

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This labor of love began between three friends nearly ten years ago, while we were still running StarWarsFan.Org. Now, after overcoming a number of obstacles, we're oh-so-close to making this dream a tangible reality. Our book about the Star Wars filming locations of the United States will be released in early February 2012. It's the very first complete reference guide to all the shooting locations, (along with many other significant Star Wars-related spots), in the United States.
This book was not written in a lab or a library; it's based on our first-hand experience & extensive field work. It's based on our travels, our research, our photography & our documentation. We've been to all the locations multiple times and have put together a book which has no rival. It provides detailed routes & directions, reference photographs & illustrations, beautiful original location & scene artwork, maps, travel tips, personal experiences, historical background info, photographic suggestions & much more. It is very much a complete & exhaustive reference, and a perfect addition to any Star Wars book collection.
There are some really nice full size sample pages of the book here:

You can get a copy of the book for $40, but if you just want to support the project you can pledge even less. For $10, $20, and $30, you'll get 1, 2, or 3 8.5" x 11" location photo prints, signed by the authors. For $1000 you could have received a one day guided tour of some of the locations, but it's sold out. There is still the $5000 option, which is a 3 day guided tour, which George Lucas himself can barely afford. :)

The goal was $9,000 and it has just passed that. There are only a few days left to be a part of this project so check it out! The project ends Thursday February 23rd.

Check out The Star Wars Filming Locations of the U.S. on Kickstarter!

..and just a quick update on our previously featured Kickstart the Week projects.

The card game Farmageddon is currently at 274% funded with $13,700 in pledges.
The comic collection Oceanverse ended successfully at 284% funded with $7,810 in pledges.


  1. Sweet, I was wondering if you were going to cover this one. Backed it yesterday and really looking forward to it!

    1. I actually hadn't seen it until you tweeted it yesterday. I squeezed it in this week because it ends in a few days. I can't believe this didn't already exist.