Thursday, February 23, 2012

Symphony of Science "Humble" Bundle

Remember watching Carl Sagan on PBS when you were a kid and how he would unravel the mysteries of science for you by explaining it in just as complex terms as he would use to describe to his colleagues? Remember how you always thought it would be much better if he was auto-tuned and put to music? Science has finally caught up with us and has done so in the form of Symphony of Science and is now available for download in high quality audio only format!

Carry on after the break for more, brave young scientists

Ok, so there isn't really much here, but Symphony of Science is a project made by John D Boswell who was asked to put the teachings of science to music. So he autotuned major themes and topics from shows like Cosmos into brilliant music videos. If you have never seen one, here is The Greatest Show on Earth (Their newest)

Currently there are 13 different videos similar to this one, all brilliant. But now, the audio has been stripped and remastered, and is available via Bandcamp for purchase using the "pay what you want" model. You can get it for as little as free, or as much as you have in the bank.

To purchase this visit Symphony of Science on Bandcamp and start rocking out to science.

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