Friday, February 24, 2012


Do you remember when I almost crapped my pants a while back over the 1:6th Scale Tumbler that Sideshow was importing from Hot Toys and had made available for Pre-Order on their website?

Do you remember me whining like a bitch about how old I am and how all my responsibilities suck and how I can't really afford toys anymore and how expensive all this crap is now but how cool all this new 1:6th Scale stuff is and how it just keeps getting awesomer and awesomer?

Do you remember the Barbie jokes?


Well, EAT ME...because it is time for ROUND TWO.

Take a look at THIS mufuggin' MASTERPIECE.

Hot Toys is going to release the Batmobile from the 90's film.




On a BAT-stick!!!

I feel even older, poorer and more inferior than I did on January 26th when I wrote about The Tumbler. Now THAT is the Batmobile to beat all my humble opinion. And I don't know why. Maybe because of who I saw the movie with. Maybe because of the fact that it was the FIRST Batman movie that was cool. Maybe because as great as the Tumbler still is missing something...something that keeps it from feeling like a real BAT-mobile to me.

But...this thing is a GODDAMN MORTGAGE PAYMENT!!!

My wife would cease giving me sex if I bought it. It really is that simple. When you get to your mid-forties, life isn't that complicated. You can very easily solve certain equations. And buying this amazing item?

The end result is as easy to see as the shiny red nose on my balding head.

So it ain't. Gonna. Happen.

I'll look at the pictures though.

And do stuff.



  1. It's stunning, huh?

    I nearly bought the Michael Keaton to go with my Hot Toys Bale Batman, and I too love this version of the batmobile (when I was a kid I had a big block-mounted poster of Batman standing next to this batmobile with gold writing and a black background which almost looked exactly like one of these pictures). Tempting, but once you go down the rabbit hole...

    There's just so many other things I could do with that much cash, but still...

  2. I am so tempted myself. But I would miss sex. A lot.

    Still...I AM thinking about it. After all. It's only like maybe a few times a year now...and we are talking about the friggin' BATMOBILE!!!!