Friday, February 24, 2012

The Final "Wheel of Time" Volume Gets a Release Date

This might be old news for those who follow a lot of book stuff, but Tor and Brandon Sanderson announced the release date of the final installment of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. For those not in the know, the Wheel of Time is a 14-volume epic fantasy story started by Robert Jordan, who unfortunately passed away before completing it. He did, however, leave copious notes, allowing his wife to find someone to finish the series for him. That person is the incredible Brandon Sanderson, a personal favorite author of mine even before he got picked up to finish one of the wider-known fantasy series. We still have to wait 11 months for the final installment, but the wait is nearly complete.

But now for my nerd shame - I've never read them. Don't get me wrong - I own the first 9 volumes, 5 of them in hardcover. I did read the first 100 pages or so in high school of the first book, but recall nearly nothing. So hey - why not start now?

So here's my thought. I read a ton of books anyway, so this is not a difficult task for me on a whole, but anyone who wants to join in - I'm going to begin an epic readthrough of the entire Wheel of Time series, with the intention of being finished around the time the 14th and final book comes out. This means finishing each installment every three weeks from the first of March through the end of the year. Coming into this a) having read a ton of fantasy while b) having next-to-no knowledge of The Wheel of Time itself, and noting that c) there are a number of people who would probably try to waive me off on this one...I'm gonna do it. It should be fun.

So I guess check back sometime in March - I'll post my progress, my thoughts, my complaints, and maybe we can get a fun little Fruitless Pursuits countdown going.

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  1. Started book 1 november last year, finished book 13 yesterday