Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mega64: DLC The Game

So as you may have heard due to an xbox live mistake Mass effect 3 revealed it already has dlc pretty much there on release date that you can only have if you bought the now rare collectors edition or you have to pay for it after already paying full price for a new game.

Mega64 has done a pretty funny video about DLC as you can see here:

Now I don't really think DLC is that bad say compared to subscription fees.  I thought the dlc was a nice addition to Little Big Planet and I bought some outfits for my sackboy. Then there was the Undead DLC for Red Dead Redemption which was a whole new game that took the main storyline in a left field direction.

Day 1 dlc however is not cool. If I was to buy ME3 on day 1 just the standard edition I'd be paying (bullshit Australian priced) $99 and as soon as I log on to my psn (or is it soe now?) shop and see that this (bullshit Australian priced) $99 game is not complete that I still have to spend more money ($10 was what it was priced on Live marketplace) to have the complete Mass effect experience....

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Now there are quite a few people who were upset by this so there was a response given on the Bioware forums. Basically what was said was "it's only an optional thing, you're still getting the full ME3 experience" ... "but you really want this dlc so pony up the extra $".

As one commenter said. "It's in their rights to do that, welcome to the free market"

hahahaha free market hahaha ha haha ha

Anyway I did download the ME3 demo the other day and I played it. I felt the cutscene acting was a bit off like thier bodies were moving but their faces were very still and for some reason (I don't know if anyone else experienced this) whenever the shot would change characters would be missing for the first few frames and then pop on. I also felt Sheppard's run was a little weird and it felt a bit slow, but maybe I'm just not used to it yet. I do plan on getting this game as I want to see the end of Saul Tigh Sheppards story but with this dlc thing and those few little bugs in the demo I might wait awhile. 

I suffered the wiped saved game glitch (Gahh Jack Bauer Sheppard's 24hours were up!!) and suffered the horrible trying not to fall through the ground in the Shadow brokers section of ME2 so I did plan on waiting until the first "make the game not suck" patch is released which I'm glad that is not paid dlc 


  1. Sadly this is not a new thing for Bioware. Dragon Age 2 had day one downloadable content, or else you didn't get an additional companion. Sure he was a poncy scottish archery dude but you STILL WANT HIM.

    But I'm bioware's bitch so whatever they do I will completely accept. It's a bit rough though.

    1. I think they are going to hurt themselves with this. That it may stop players for wanting to get the other dlc (costumes and that stuff) which they probably only bought because they are fans. If the fans feel like they are being ripped off right from day 1 it may stop them wanting to purchase dlc down the road.

      I think not only does it come across as a dick move by bioware but it's also a pretty bad business decision to abuse your fanbase