Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012, Day 21: I'm Super, Thanks For Asking!

It is day 21 of the consistently infuriating, obscure treasure trove that is the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar which has around a 70% chance everyday of baffling everybody but the hardcore. But fear not, confused parents and/or dumb kids! We are firmly among the hardcore and will gladly assist you with all your identifying needs. Not that you're going to need it this time...

You'll see why when we pry open Door #21... after the jump!

What obscure jumble of bricks will we receive today? Padme Amidala's refridgerator? Sio Bibble's toilet? No. This is an easy one. It's... clearly... a...


You know these big, clunky, tiny-headed, superior versions that first strode into battle in the arena at Geonosis during everybody's favourite creepy love story: Attack of the Clones. These are the bulky bastards with hefty armour, and lasers in their wrists, which led the audience to say, "Hang on... if you have these guys then why don't you use them instead of those far interior, tan, skinny, pieces of shit?" Which in turn led Darth Sidious to sadly shake his head and reply, "Not in this economy."

I'd rather have a unique character than yet another troop builder, but I guess if Lego gave us those for Christmas then how would they sell their larger sets? Still... we could have at least had an ewok. Frown.

As mentioned in the comments section, the image on the front of the calendar clearly gives away the identity of our final three gifts, although we won't know the order until we open them up. At least they look to be pretty good ones, so there's hope for Lego yet!

And in our ongoing battle between this calendar and the Playmobil Game of Thrones Calendar Lego still might have a shot because as bland as battle droids can be, I'm still going to have to give Lego the point today. Figures are winners! You're catching up!

Playmobil Game of Thrones Advent Calendar: 11.
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar: 10.


  1. So dissapointed with today's figure. I was so excited when I opened it up and saw what it was! "Ooooooooh a nice addition to my brick wars army!" No a poorly made price of crap! It feels so cheap and is missing his back.... I think I found out the main flaw and why they made the tan ones. Without be backing these things must have gone down without a fight! I'm just so confused as every thing from Lego is usually made out of such good plastic and feels so polished! I guess they couldn't have us getting to happy and say, wanting to buy this again next year...

  2. Finally! Because this was pictured on the box my 6 year old has been wanting this minifig from day one. At the end of last year's advent calendar I wondered if Lego even planned for another Star Wars because they had used up most of the favorite ships. If this year seemed like a stretch to the obscurity, what could they hope to use next year? Even with the need to come here for explinations on several sets, we enjoyed this a lot more than my 4 year old's Lego City advent; a dolly with tires, a wheelbarrow, 3 firefighters, stairs? Hard to get my youngest interested in the creative thinking of legos when they seem to be prepping him for manual labor... Though I must say the Easter egg of the Blacktron character in the City picture was fun to find for a veteran Lego collector. Keep up the good humor, only 3 more days left...

  3. Lego has always shown you what you get on the front of the box, so it makes sense to see whats next. Hey luke, i have a question, which would be a in a higher position, our red battle droid or our super battle droid

  4. The presently produced versions of the Super Battle Droid feature a weaponised hand rather than this normal hand as seen here A real shame we got the old model, and a thumb down from me.