Friday, December 21, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 22: Midget Macabre!

The end is nigh for the Game of Thrones inspired Playmobil Advent Calendar and our epic tale of bumpy dragon tongues and treachery is a drawing to a bone-rattling conclusion! Yesterday Sir Dudley
 of Moore was ravage by red, scaly nightmare dragon, Antagonos the Pissed, and the wicked Mad Gary Targaryen nicked his keys and entered the Keep. But what did he discover there? It's the LAST thing you'll expect.

We'll unlock Door #22 after the jump!

Deep within in the stoney bowels of the Keep was... a...


Seriously, look at that stunted little bony, bugger. Is this the skeleton of a child? No.. I think I have the answer. Do you remember Sir Dudley's legendary sword, Midget Maker, which turned the local peasants into midgets by cutting off parts of their legs? Well clearly this is one of his midget victims whose restless spirit has been awakened by all of the dark magic that's been whipping around recently.

Look at him next to Mad Gary Targaryen...

Haha! Little bugger! His name is Peck Pussywillow the Shortened, and rather than slay this poor skinless babby, Mad Gary is going to recruit him, giving him a (short) sword and Sir Dudley's stolen helmet...

Hahaha! We love you Peck you little scamp! Now you both can storm the castle and steal its vast treasures! I can't even imagine what craziness will happen tomorrow!

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