Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 20: Burninator!

I refuse to believe that it is already day 20 of the epic tale of savage, debacherous butchery that is the Game of Thrones inspired Playmobil Advent Calendar! But let's not drown in unnecessary adjectives! Today's door is so gigantic that is a DOUBLE-DOOR...

What massive gift could be lurking behind this intimidating cardboard facade? Why can I smell sulphur? Where is that scratching and howling coming from? Why is everybody suddenly so damn nervous?

We blast open Door #20... after the jump!

This is the big one, folks. The moment of truth. Could it possibly be what I think it is?...


Look at the size of that frigging thing! This is a daily gift? A giant, articulated, fire-breathing dragon? Playmobil have just raised the bar so incredibly high that its dying from lack of oxygen! This maniac dragon is truly terrifying and wonderful!

So I guess that contender to the throne, Mad Gary Targaryen's dark fireside summoning ritual worked and he has unleashed this arcane dread-lizard onto an unprepared King's Landing! Oh the screams and the tears and huge leathery wings beat and flesh is stripped from bones in a torrent of flame! This is monumental! This villainous, red scaly tyrant is the legendary Antagonos the Pissed!

Can Sir Dudley of Moore fend off the dragon and escape with his life? Or perhaps, more importantly, can Gary Targaryen even tame this wild mythical monster of yore, or will he be sautéed too? Or will something different happen entirely? Or will NOTHING HAPPEN AT ALL!?

It's hard to imagine anything trumping this one!

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