Friday, December 21, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012, Day 22: What the Sith is This?

With but three days left on the often baffling Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar we already deduced which gifts were left (because they were prominently pictured on the frigging box!). Two of these look pretty great. One of them... not so much. But which one are we going to get?

We'll never know unless we blast open Door #22... after the jump!

 And sure enough it's our last micro vehicle, an inclusion which has been treasured by few and abhorred by many. But is this one of the good ones?

You know, it's not too bad. At least this is a vehicle that has some prominent scenes in fan favourite, cult classic, critical darling, The Phantom Menace. I imagine that even casual fans should be able to recognise this one, but just in case you don't...

It is, of course, the Sith Infiltrator, Darth Maul's personal ship in Phantom. You may recall that he landed this creepy badboy on sand planet Tattooine, fired off a few privacy violating probes, and then jumped a cliff on the most awkward motorbike ever. Once again. Lego has the proportions all over the place, but the film version is clearest in this illustration here...

Maul's Sith Infiltrator is apparently called "Scimitar", no doubt named after the countless scimitars that appear in every single Star Wars film. My favourite moment is in Attack of the Clones when Anakin wields two scimitars against Count Dooku's single rusty curved scimitar, and then Yoda steps in with his own tiny scimitar, and a space-parrot on his shoulder, and bellows, "YAAAAARRRGH" I don't know why Lucas didn't just bite the bullet and call those movies Scimitar Wars.

It's not so clear here because the proportions are wacky, but what I like about the Sith Infiltrator is that when you see the back of it flying in the film it's silhouette is similar to Darth Vader's tie fighter. Those designers are clever like that. At least it looks like a ship with an identifiable nose/wings/cockpit unlike some of the indistinct blobs they've been passing off lately.

But still, in the ongoing war between this calendar and the Playmobil Game of Thrones calendar, it doesn't beat today's unexpectedly awesome Playmobil prize. They take the point again, but don't stress - I think we all know that Lego has some final tricks up its sleeve.

Playmobil Game of Thrones Advent Calendar: 12.
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar: 10.


  1. I think todays sith infiltrator should have gotten the point because this is one of the coolest ship besides grevious's starfighter

  2. There's no telling the mind of a 6 year old, he LOVES this one. Especially after I told him whose ship it was and mentioned the landing on Tatooine. You should be getting some sponsorship deal from Lego, you've saved them several times this season!!!

  3. I was so excited for mini ships buy so far only 2 or 3 have been really cool! I bet the last two surprises won't even be what's pictured on the box. That's only to get our hopes up so they can dash our dreams even harder! The best we can hope for is a tie... and let's be honest its just not going to happen.

  4. I didn't get the blue piece that goes on the back of the ship. damn you lego.

    1. That happened to me with the Tree last year (it was missing a vital part) You can just go to Lego's website and request the missing part, they should send it to you for free (although it'll take a little while to get to you, you can at least get it completed.)