Monday, December 17, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 17: You’re Fired!

Can it possibly already day 17 of the epic, sexy savagery that is the (marginally) Game of Thrones inspired Playmobil Advent Calendar? Short answer: yes.

In the previous weeks we have set the stage for a monumental conflict between two wicked knights, both uncomfortably eager to plant their armoured bottoms on the Iron Throne. Holed up in King’s Landing is disappointingly cowardly Sir Dudley of Moore, and stalking the castle gates is Mad Dragon-Bangin’ Gary Targaryen who is finally fully geared up for battle!

So what next? We’ll pry open the disappointingly small Door #17... after the jump!

Ow... there’s a lot of heat coming from behind this door. Time to stop, drop, roll and...

It’s the GIFT OF FIRE.

Some advent calendars contain chocolate. Some contain festive pictures. This one contains searing, white-hot flames. Fire! Man’s raddest invention! Destroyer! Protector! Cooker of steak!

Okay, it’s a small plastic campfire. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Gary Targaryen is just going to sit around with his small plastic marshmallows. Oh no. Fire is important to that Targaryens and he will use these flames to begin a dark ritual that possibly involves a dragon egg (not appearing in this calendar). Sir Dudley hears the dark, ominous chanting from his hidey hole on the battlements and begins to silently and ominously piss. IT’S ALL SO OMINOUS. Ominous. Use that in a sentence today.

We’re heading for such an exciting climax that I no longer sleep. I’ve been awake for 75 hours. I am having marvellous visions.



  1. Normally I might point out how this is posted in the lego section, however ironically I'm halfway through reading "Clash of Kings", and I think Mad-Gary's exploits have now become more interesting.

    1. You still pointed it out and you even managed to name-drop some literature. Guess Clash of Kings isn't that interesting after all.

    2. Whoops! Thanks, Todd. Fixed the labels. In the right section now. I must have been high on Christmas spirit!