Thursday, December 20, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 21: Patience is Key.

Having narrowly avoided apocalypse we are now but four little doors away from Christmas, at least according to our epic sword, sorcery and schlong-filled Game of Thrones inspired Playmobil Advent Calendar! Yesterday was the most wondrous day yet when a huge, red scaly dragon named Atagonos the Pissed was successfully summoned in a fireside ritual and started to beat his leathery wings, belch his fiery burps, and generally tear shit up! In a hundred years time people will STILL be singing songs about that terrifying day and we should be grateful that we'll be dead and won't have to listen to them.

But for now, let's open up Door #21... after the jump!

As expected, it is a very little door this time to compensate for last time. And behind it lies...

A flaming torch and a keyring filled with mysterious keys! Which ancient locks will these unlatch and what untold wonders will be revealed? Are they keys to the dungeon, a treasure chest? A Medieval prostitute's heart? 

Meanwhile, Atagonos the Pissed has torn Sir Dudley of Moore away from his ballista and is painfully and humiliatingly ravaging him with his hot, bumpy tongue. Mad Gary Tarygen sees this as the perfect opportunity to rummage through Dudley's wallet and stuff.

Naturally he find the fabled Keyring of Destiny which should at least unlock the doors to the Keep. He lights up a branch in the camp fire and readies himself mentally to venture inside!

What secrets will he uncover beyond the walls of the Keep? Maybe he'll find the Power of Grayskull? Let's hope that we receive something of interest tomorrow or story-wise I'm screwed!

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