Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let's Watch Some Awesome Animation! Introducing HuHa!

We used to pimp far more original animation than we do now, so I'm thrilled to hear about a brand new animation channel Huha! which has a ton of hilarious content, including the infamous Weebl and Bob of which I'm very much a fan. If the following promo reel doesn't rouse some serious anticipation then you must be dead inside, and I pity you this Christmas because your ribcage is full of ghosts and everything must taste like sawdust.

Not everything glimpsed in the following animation is currently available on the site but I'm satisfied to know that it's on its way. And all we have to do is hit "subscribe". I just did. It's relatively painless.

As an Australian I say, God bless our British overlords and everything they've accomplished!

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