Friday, December 7, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 8: Knock-Blocker!

The epic saga of the clearly Game of Thrones inspired Playmobil advent calendar continues and Sir Dudley of Moore is running rampant, swinging his mighty Midget-Maker and riding faithful steed Thundercracker harder than any maiden fair. Nobody has had the balls to step up and stop him. Will it finally happen today?

Let's pry open Door #8 and find out... after the jump?

Short answer? No. It's yet more gear for Dudley.

MORE GEAR? FOR REAL? WHAT ELSE DOES THIS GUY NEED? Rocket skates? Shoulder cannons? Wolverine claws? A wizard beard with a monkey living in it? Actually all those things would be pretty great. Playmobil! Get onto those things!

But today is obviously a rather oddly shaped shield for blocking knocks. Yes, he will call it Knock-Blocker. And from now on all knocks: hard, nasty or otherwise, will totally be blocked. Not knockers though. This is Game of Thrones, after all, and Sir Dudley is totally pro-boobs. The shield is vaguely tear-shaped to symbolise the prolonged weeping of his legless enemies and over-burdened horse.

If we don't get some opposition soon, Westeros is totally screwed. Won't somebody answer our prayers?

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