Friday, December 7, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 7: Horse Hat!

Our Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar coverage has been so epic that rumour is that beard-baron George R.R. Martin himself will now incorporate into his next novel. So expect scintillating scenes of new character Sir Dudley of Moore on his horse Thundercracker, tearing up the local villages, cleaving off legs and making everybody shorter! Midgets will be left in his wake!

We peel back the foreboding grill of Door #7... after the jump!

And it’s a...


It is a finely forged piece of menacing armour to protect gallant steed Thundercracker’s powerful head. Sir Dudley has surmised that Thundercracker’s giant nog is susceptible to the arrows and axe blows of legions of impending enemies so he has encased it in the finest iron. (This proved far more successful than the earlier prototype horse hat which was crafted from the finest straw).

So it appears our first week has mostly been about providing Sir Dudley with awesome shit, so much so that I fear that if he loads up with anything else he’s going to be crushed by its weight. I do hope that we soon get a new character who can step up and oppose him or all of Westeros will be missing their legs and shoe sales are going to plummet!

It’s a cool piece, but I do wish Playmobil had packaged both today and yesterday’s horse armour together rather than split it into two gifts. But hey - these guys gave us A FRIGGING HORSE so who am I to complain? Oh, and -


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