Friday, December 7, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012, Day 7: Naboo Naboo!

Our very Phantom Menace Christmas continues thanks to the unfortunately (and optimistically) themed Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar this year. It’s pretty telling when the best gift so far this year has been a frigging gungan! What delights/disappointments lie dormant behind Door #7? Will you have to - once again - wipe the bitter tears from your child’s eyes, or could this be one of the good ones?

See it all... after the jump!

I was convinced we were going to get some sort of weapon/rack for yesterday’s battle droid today, but my theories are continually crushed. It’s become impossible to establish a pattern this year, and I can only assume that the ingenious Danes at Lego have hired Jeff Goldblum to inject some of his patented chaos theory into the mix.

So today we got...

Another micro vehicle! Easily recognisable this time, unless you are a) a parent who doesn’t give a shit, or b) you’ve managed to block out the prequels. This canary yellow, art nouveau beast is the Naboo Starfighter from the Phantom Menace. You know, the ship that Anakin just happens to hide in, then just happens to fly off into space in, and then just happens to blow up the droid control ship with. And he yells out, “NOW THIS IS PODRACING!”. Even though it clearly isn’t.

Here’s a Naboo Starfighter in the film:

I must say that I do like this one and I think they’ve done a good job of capturing all the features despite the small scale. And it’s not TOO small like the accursed MTT tank we got. In fact look at all the micro vehicles so far lined up...

The Naboo Starfighter, Imperial Star Destroyer, and Bongo Submarine are all roughly the same size and look great together. Meanwhile that brown, chunk of MTT tank remains a disappointing piece of crap. I think they must have let an intern design that one.

In our epic showdown between the Lego Star Wars Calendar and the Playmobil Game of Thrones Advent Calendar I’m going to be generous and give Lego the point today. If they’re going to do micro vehicles then I hope they’d all be at least of this quality. Here’s the score so far.

Playmobil Game of Thrones Advent Calendar: 4
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar: 3

More tomorrow!


  1. In what Galaxy is a Star Destroyer the same size as a submarine? Why in a galaxy far, far away, of course!

    I like the horse hat better :D But at least this keeps the suspense up...

    1. I'm not worried about them being "in universe" scale with each other. In that case the star destroyer would probably be at least a few feet long! I'm happy if they can keep all the models around the same size just for ease of display.

      And you're probably right about the horse hat but I feel like we should be kind to the lego calendar considering the rough time it's having.

  2. I'd love to see you do a review of the City calendar as well. My son and I are doing both this year, and it's our first time doing the City calendar. So far it's much better than the Star Wars one with more pieces that he can immediately play with or seamlessly add to an existing set or series.

    One day it was a fire house wall that holds tools. On its own not that awesome but combined with his other City stuff, especially his fire themed Legos, he loves it.