Sunday, December 2, 2012

FP Gift Guides: Christmas is Coming

Ah December. The month where work is winding down for the year, but stress levels are rising as you battle shopping centre crowds trying to find the perfect gift for all your ridiculously hard to buy for friends and family. Seeing as I have 90% of my Christmas shopping already done (not gloating, just stating a fact), I thought I'd share a few of the gems I found while trawling the internets on my very own Christmas quest.

Today, to coincide with the fact Aussie retailer Popcultcha is offering 20% off all of their Game of Thrones stock for 24 hours, we'll be perusing the wares of Westeros and seeing what we come up with. How about a 14" replica of the Iron Throne to start us off?

AUD$279.99 from Popcultcha

Join me below the cut for more!

Everyone has a House that they enjoy or most identify with, so why not let your friends' allegiances show with their morning drinking apparatus?

Both AUD$11.99 at Popcultcha.

Or how about letting their feet do the talking with these custom House Converse sneakers? House Targaryen, Stark, Greyjoy, Tully, Lannister, Arryn, Baratheon and Martell are available, as well as a special Renly variant. THEY ARE REALLY COOL.

AUD$113.25 from
Your buddies can hardly leave the house naked when they're out strutting in those shiny new shoes, so how about one of these Game of Thrones-inspired t-shirts?

'A Game of Ice and Fire' - $26.95 at Red Bubble
'The Direwolves' - $26.95 at Red Bubble
'A School of Ice and Fire' - $26.95 at Red Bubble
'Lannister Crest' - $26.95 at Red Bubble
'Ironborn Punks' - $26.95 at Red Bubble
'Little Thronies' - $30.30 at Red Bubble
If you think they're more inclined to want something to decorate their house or desk with, then it's hard to go past the new Pop Vinyl figures from Funko.

AUD$11.99 each from Popcultcha
Or a 19" wall plaque for whichever dysfunctional family they like best.

$34.99 from
Or if that isn't impressive enough, how about an officially licensed replica of Ned Stark's sword, Ice. Hooooly crap!
$700 from Valyrian Steel
When the day is over it'll be time for them to settle down with a drink and a good book. We've got you covered there too!

House Pint Glasses - $46.00 from

Veering away from the obvious choice when thinking 'Game of Thrones books' we did find a couple of other interesting options (though of course you can still find the set of A Song of Ice and Fire books here). Inside HBO's Game of Thrones is the official companion book to the TV series, giving extra insight into the characters and locations we've all come to love. You can check out a review by our very own Suzanne here.

AUD$32.08 at Book Depository
The graphic novel was met with some mixed reviews, but I must admit I rather liked it. It is volume one of a series, wrapping up just after Daenerys finds out she's pregnant. Volume 2 won't be out until just after Christmas, but it available for preorder.

AUD$22.70 from Book Depository
And that's our Game of Thrones gifting adventure all done with. If you didn't find the perfect gift for that Game of Thrones fan in your life, then hopefully we at least gave you a starting point. And if you don't have ANY Game of Thrones fans in your life (seriously?), fear not, as the gift guide will be visiting various other franchises over the next 23 days.

If you have any other favourite Game of Thrones items you'd like us to know about, post them in the comments! I'm a bit of a fan of this Renly Shield Pin, but sadly it won't be out til next March. Boo.

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