Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Against Humanity: 12 Days of BS - Days 1&2

Cards Against Humanity is a card game for horrible people. It makes you feel worse about yourself the more you win. Because winning means that you played the most worst combination of cards. Kids love it. Its pretty much an Apples to Apples clone, but actually worth playing. And has sold a crazy number of copies over the past almost three years.

Last year for Christmas they sold a holiday pack using a "pay-what-you-want" model, which resulted in them selling 85,000 copies raising $70k which they then donated all of to Wikipedia. This year they are at it again with their 12 days of Holiday Bullshit, where people could pay $12 to get a gift sent to you each day for 12 days.

They sold 100,000 sets in under 7 hours, making $1.2 million.

I was able to get in on this years holiday madness, read on for what CAH sent me on day 1 and 2!

Apparently these started arriving on peoples doorsteps on Monday, but mine arrived on 10 December (Tuesday) along with day 2. Odder still is that my brother in law received his Day 2 yesterday but not his Day 1. Seems about right. So what'd we get??

Day 1 envelope - partridge in a pear tree?

Clever envelope with some nice shitty hand drawn art. Like the egg on the ground, and the colored christmas lights around the border are a nice touch. But whats inside?

The "Conspicuous Consumption" Pack
Sweet, a mini expansion! Well, micro expansion might be more accurate as there are 4 white cards and a single black card included. All having to do with consumerism perhaps?

Fun Fact: After you buy the thing you want, you will want something else.
Looks like each pack will have a fun fact on it. Nothing like knowledge to make you feel worse about yourself.
About half of the cards that came with it.
As you can see above this holiday seasons cards are right in line with the rest of the game, and likely to only get worse as we go.  Ok, so thats day 1, what'd we get on day 2?

Day 2 envelope - two turtle doves
This arts a bit more demonstrative than day ones, and a lot more awkward for the postman to deliver. What the hell is a turtle dove anyways?

Da Fuq?
So what'd we get today?? more car....coal? COAL? THEY SENT ME MOTHER FUCKING COAL???

Well, jokes on me I guess but is setting the bar to be one of the more interesting countdowns I've participated in. Hopefully day 3 arrives today so I can eagerly rip into it and probably get a grown man slapping a turd against my face. Or something.

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