Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Unheard 13 of 2013: Day 4: Matt Pond - "Human Beings"

Matt Pond, who typically records under the Matt Pond PA moniker, put out a "solo album" this year, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand that caught me by surprise. It's a great, tuneful, poppy record with a lot of great songs on it. While I've traditionally come to expect that from his prior work, this is the first album he's put out that I've felt like I needed to keep in the long term rotation.

My favorite song from the album, by far, is "Human Beings," a song that's much slower than the other fare on the album and yet still has a lot of emotional weight to it. The strained delivery, the instrumentation, everything about it really speaks to me on a really deep level, and it's become a true favorite of the year for me. You can find his website here.

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