Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Unheard 13 of 2013: Day 5: Naomi Pilgrim - "No Gun"

Naomi Pilgrim's "No Gun" has gotten a lot of buzz in recent weeks as an interesting pop song. Personally, I'm not sure about how much mainstream attention it could get, but, then again, Lorde went to #1 internationally with a fairly weird sound coming about, so there's a chance I just don't know anything at all. Regardless, if you've always wondered what the end result of a pop song inspired by someone who listened to a lot of Bjork or Portishead when they were younger and think dance and R&B music today is pretty great, this is worth four minutes of your time. It's absolutely a grower, but it's become a must-listen for me as of late.

Naomi Pilgrim's website is here. Looking forward to what comes next.

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