Thursday, August 25, 2011

The New Kidrobot Vinyl Street Fighter Figures Are Cuter Than a Baby Tiger (Uppercut)!

10 minutes ago, I had no clue these existed. But then I received a text message from my wife that simply said "Kidrobot Street Fighter?" Of course, my response was "I need them now!"

And yes, I really need these. Right now.

More images and info after the break.

Capcom's Street Fighter, now in its umpteenth iteration with over 29 million copies sold worldwide, teams up with Kidrobot to take you back to the arcade with the ones who kick-started it all - Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and, of course Blanka, the wild man.  All 12 of the original World Warriors, including the Psycho-Powered chase, are blind boxed and stylized in 3-inch vinyl. Gaming's best known fighters, each with their own unique fighting style, bring you back to your old pizzeria face-offs.  Figures feature articulated arms just itching to deliver that final sonic boom. (


  1. I've been thinking about buying Chun-Li. But my favourite thing about Chun-Li is her mighty thighs, and this Chun-Li doesn't even have legs!

  2. I got the Ryu one today. Now I need someone for him to FIGHT!

  3. Chun Li is nothing without her thighs.