Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brilliant Japanese Sushi Chef Oki Carves Grand Moff Tarkin Out of Vegetables!

Oki is a sushi chef who, is his own words, does his best every day to make sushi and delicious food. He's also my new personal hero after his last week of creations alone! Check out this delightfully inventive Grand Moff Tarkin - or as Oki likes to call him "Man of Death Star" made completely out of vegetables.

Oki has this to say about his creation:
He cause many people pain. But.... He is a legendary top Commander. He may be a bad person. But... We thank for his existence. We love him.
And his newest work is a plate that recreates the battle of Hoth and features a glorious AT-AT (pronounced @ @ ! YEEEAH!).

These images are really just a tease - please read his own comments and see all of his process pictures at My Sushi World.


  1. This. Is. Awesome!
    Sushi+Star Wars= Best thing ever!

  2. We DO love him. Oki speaks the sweet truth.