Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dreadfleet Update 3! A Dreadfleet Complete!

If you've followed my previous two updates (here and here!) I foolishly and spontaneously dived into the new epic fantasy/pirate tabletop miniatures war game Dreadfleet (set in the omnipresent Warhammer universe). ARRRR!!

I am completely new to all this, but if you want all that backstory click on the previous links, because, after what seems like months (it was nine days) I finally finished assembling and painting this thing this past weekend:

I now have an ocean instead of a coffee table!
Why not join me after the jump for more detailed images of the completed game (as well as a tease of what's next!)...

When I last left you, I still had three more ships left to paint so why don't we take a closer look at those guys first. Forgive me for not remembering any of their names or factions, and for being too lazy to go downstairs and salvage the paint soaked White Dwarf magazine (special Dreadfleet issue) which has been both security blanket and saviour through this whole ordeal. Let's just call this one: The Blue One. And I'm going to guess that it belongs to the high-elves. Confirm or correct in the comments section if you know...

It was actually the one I was least looking forward to because I find it a little dull, but I do dig that dragon perched on the back.

I left the two biggest ships until last. First up is the good guys ship which I assume belongs to the humans. It has an entire cathedral perched on the back of it and was an absolute bitch to paint, especially the designs on the sails. And I'm probably guilty of rushing things a little bit towards the end...

And then of course there's the bad doodz ship and I have no idea who it belongs to. Probably a pirate skeleton or an evil clam. It was the hardest to assemble, especially seeing as how I put it all together and then realised I had left out the skull cave entrance at the bottom of the mountain and had to pry it all apart, insert it, and then stick it back together again. Instructions are for reading. Apparently....

And that's everything! So here are some shots of it all clumped together...

Now, of course, I haven't played the actual game yet, because a) I'm terrified of touching them, b) I'm mortified at the very thought of anyone else touching them, c) I'd have to learn a complicated rule book, and d) I'm playing Batman: Arkham City.

BUT, I do promise that I will actually learn and play the game at some point in the near future and then I will write a final update with my report on the gameplay. By the way, should I be sealing these with some sort of matte sealant first? If so, what's best and what should I know so I don't mess it up?

And the good news is that assembling and painting a billion piece Dreadfleet as a fledgling outing, wasn't enough to put me off. I have already purchased another large box-set, which I'll unbox and begin painting shortly. It involves an island. Possibly of a blood. More soon!


  1. Looks good dood! So not looking forward to painting mine, mostly because I have no paints aside from a spray can of black primer. Did the White Dwarf help in painting techniques?

  2. Yeah, but only for bits and pieces of each ship. It doesn't explain everything. I ended up buying it because it's pretty indispensable. I'd recommend grabbing it for all the articles.

  3. I have been modeling/paint for about a year and can't believe how quickly you finished this...and the look great! Do you have a rough guess at the number of hours in total? Also, once you put all the time into the painting were there any regrets about not cleaning up the flash/mold-lines? Trying to decide how anal to be prepping my set.

  4. Thank you! I appreciate that! My guess would be between 30 and 40 hours over a 9 day period. Probably closer to 30. I worked on multiple things at the same time so I was never waiting for things to dry while doing nothing, and often would apply the same colour to multiple models at the same time.

    I have no regrets in regard to the mold lines for the most part - but I don't have that attention to detail as a first timer. I'm happy enough with how it looks for me to start playing it. I am a photography hobbyist and painted it all under a very bright studio light. One thing I noticed is that it's actually very hard to see all the paint details under normal light anyway, so what I have is good enough for now. I just wouldn't have had the patience to spend any longer on it.

    I'm starting Island of Blood later today.