Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DYE "Fantasy" Official Video by JEREMIE PERIN

I dig this clip by Jeremie Perin (Truckers Delight see after the jump). It has some NSFW stuff though

Here's some character designs

Jeremiw Perin is another talented French animator from the Gobelins school. You may have seen this great film he also did (also nsfw).

The DYE "Fantasy" clip seems inspired by the magnificent series Kemonzume by Masaaki Yuasa

This isn't the most related video to the Jeremie Perin clip but it was the best I could find that wasn't an amv cut up to Usher. SERIOUSLY IF YOU ARE MAKING AMVS OF CARTOONS I LIKE HAVE SOME FUCKING MUSIC TASTE.... whoa... sorry, I got a bit worked up there.

*AHEM* I dig Jeremie Perins work and I can't wait to see more.

(a lot of this info via Catsuka)


  1. Okay. If anyone is unsure about just how NSFW and messed up this is, I wanted to reassure you that it is SUPER NSFW and messed up! Whoa!

  2. Awesome, all of it.